Thank you

First of all I want to say a huge, amazing, surprise-there's-a-new-Beyoncé-record thank you to everyone that came out to see my first full band show at the Alberta St Pub last Saturday. It was so great to see so many people I love there. Thank you so much for making it amazing.  

There are so many things that are happening right now. Here are a few updates.  

  1. The record is finished and is set to be released on your favorite digital store and streaming service next Friday!  
  2. I am planning on celebrating that release with a backyard tour this summer. The idea is to have a huge backyard party with grilling and beers and cornhole to celebrate summer friends and music. If you are interested in haveing a backyard party let me know in the comment field below and we will work out some of the details! 

thank you again for all your support 




Hello good friends

welcome to my first site. My first post. My first solo music adventure. I'm really excited start something good. To start something honest.  

Here's and update about our progress:

Ryan VanDordrecht and I are almost finished with the ep project. We have been working so hard on making something that we both believe in. I am so proud of it.  

I am working with some local Portland musicians and we are booking shows as a team. The first show is going to be solo, just me, and at the Lurelthurst. Details are on the shows page. I hope to see you there.  

again, I'm really excited that you are here and that you are excited. It means a lot to me.